We will be closed during the period from 17th to 18th 2016


Dear customers, during the period from17th to 18th November 2016, NIRVANA will be closed. Please contact us next business day. More...

We are looking for new dealer in UK


Due to family problems, UK dealer Peter Tadial from X3 Paramotors ends his activity. More...

Demonstration wings - last pieces!


Would you like to change your older glider for new reflex one? 

Hadron XX´s AFS – Safety Note!


Hereby we urge all pilots flying the Hadron XX paragliders, equipped with Aerodynamical Flaps System, to upgrade that system to the current AFS-2 version. The AFS was introduced as a means to reduce the take-off speed.  More...

Winter Masuria Paramotor Cup 2016


  On 5 and 6th March 2016 Winter Masuria Paramotor Cup 2016 took place in Poland, Orzysz. More...

News for the season 2016, part I. - Rodeo upgrade


Let us introduce Rodeo ergonomic throttle and Dual frame with double netting! More...

PF 2016

PF 2016

 We thank our customers, suppliers and fans for your support in 2015 More...

Opening hours


22.12.2015 - 8:00-15:00
13.12.2015 - 3.1.2016 - closed
4.1.2016 - 8:00 - 16:30 More...

Sale out gliders


Treat yourself for Christmas or the new season! We offer older gliders for stock prices!  More...

1st Kingdom Paramotor Cup in Saudi Arabia


Michel Carnet wrote from Saudi Arabia. More...

Jacek Ciszkowski won the Polish league for the 2015!


  On 17th of October 2015 there was awarding ceremony of the Polish Paramotor League for the 2015 i Plock.  More...

Nirvana China on Sechuan expo!


Nirvana China successful in Sechuan! The show was 3rd International High-Tech Expo of China (Mianyang). More...

New Nirvana Polo Shirt


After succesfull introduction at dealers meeting we decided to offer this Polo shirt also to our customers. More...

Festival COUPE ICARE 2015


Nirvana attended between 17 and 20 September 2015 the legendary Nirvana paragliding and paramotor Festival in France in St. Hilaire de Touvet. The event came together nearly 150 exhibitors and thousands of attendees.... More...

Nirvana at CSITF Shanghai International Technology Fair 2015


Nirvana Systems received an awards for the most visited booth at the fair during the event Days of the Czech Republic. Only 5 most visited stands of the whole fair had this award - congratulations!


The largest gathering of paramotor enthusiasts in Spain


The largest gathering of paramotor enthusiasts in Spain in La Puebla de Los Infantes took place over the weekend of 31st January and 1st of February 2015. More...

Coupe Icare in St. Hilaire du Touvet is at the door and Nirvana will be there!


Nirvana attends again the popular festival Coupe Icare which takes place from 18 to 21 September 2014 in France at St. Hilaire... More...

Nirvana Racing Team successful at the World Championships in Hungary!


Nirvana Racing Team successful at the World Championships in Hungary! Nirvana racing pilots won a total of three medals in individual competitions, and one in the team competition! More...

Nirvana moved!


From the beginning of August you can find Nirvana at the new address: Prerov Airport, 750 02, Prerov. Here comes the visualization, how to get there! More...

Moving the company into the new premises at the airport Prerov-Bochor!


Dear business partners, friends, in less than two weeks we will move our company to new premises at the airport in Prerov-Bochor! More...

Grzegorz Krzyzanowski - sad news from Poland


On 16.06.2014 we sadly lost one of our Nirvana family members, Grzegorz Krzyzanowski from Poland. More...

Nirvana again a bit stronger in servicing!


In the second half of May we welcomed 3 dealers – Chinese dealer Jay Best, Hungarian technician Károlyi and potential French dealer Damien Dieusy. More...

Nirvana News 2014 to be launched soon!


Nirvana is about to introduce new products for season 2014 within following days! More...

Czech Republic PPG Open 2014 - Jindřichův Hradec


The Team of Nirvana racing pilots dominated Czech Republic PPG open in Jindřichův Hradec 5-11th May 2014. More...

Slovak PPG league, Ražňany (12-13th April 2014)


Between 12-13th April there was held Slovak PPG league in Ražňany, lying between Sabinov and Prešov. More...

Armin Appel - The winner of German Open 2014

Armin Appel - The winner of German Open 2014

The member of Nirvana Racing Team, Armin Appel, became the winner of German Open 2014 by a wide margin! Congratulations! More...

The memories of Parabatix Dubai 2013


Nirvana has its pilot in Parabatix Sky Racers series. He is Pavel Brezina - founder and designer of Nirvana. Watch how was it in Parabatix Sky Racers Dubai last autumn in few videos and photos.

New Nirvana video - Company Tour


Watch new Nirvana video. Company Tour in 5 minutes. You can rely on us! More...

Do NOT buy from unauthorised dealers!


Attention! Never buy from unauthorized dealers! Even good looking website can be fake! Buy from  authorized dealers ONLY!
Actual List of Nirvana dealers is HERE.

THERMIK-Fair in Sindelfingen


MGS-SÜDSCHWARZWALD GmbH will be exhibiting the latest innovations of NIRVANA on 22 February 2014, THERMIK-Fair in Sindelfingen (Germany). As a special feature we will exhibit the 4-FUN and the light engine Top 80.
Visit us on the show! :) More...

PF 2014


We thank to all our customers, partners, employees, friends and fans for cooperation in the year 2013 and wish much success in the new year 2014.
Your Nirvana
P. S. Here you can download calendar in PDF format!

Nirvana World Champion again!


Nirvana pilot Grzegorz Krzyzanowski (POL) is first World Slalom Champion in the most prestigious category PF1!!! Bronze medal in PL1 category goes to Michael Nadazy (CZE). Congratulations! More...

Nirvana at Elsefly in Holand


Nirvana took part of festival Elsefly from 6th till 8th August in Holand. Thanks to our Holand dealer Paratwente (Jeannette and Ivo)! More...

1st FAI Paramotor slalom championship


On Monday 9th September began in France first paramotor slalom championship. Eight Nirvana pilots are there! More...

NIRVANA FLY - New softshell jacket


First product of new Nirvana flight clothes line produced in cooperation with Direct Alpine. High quality softshell jacket for flying and outdoor activities. More...

Michel Carnet is British Champion for 2013


Nirvana Racing Team pilot Michel Carnet won British Paramotor Open 2013. Great is also 3rd place of Andrew McMahon and 6th place of only one lady Karin Stachová.
Thanks and congratulations! More...

The NIRVANA pilots were successful in Russia


Joerg Maas scored in Russia! During WING OVER CUP won first place and during EVDO CUP won third place. Over 100 competitors took part in both races in several categories - amateurs and professionals! Congratulations!

Another achievments of Nirvana pilots


Petr Matousek (PF1), Gabriel Toman (PL1) and Lubomir Zavorka (PL2) are Czech Champions for 2013 season. Czech Championship held in Jihlava airfield from 17th till 22nd June 2013. Congratulations!



This Fly-In will take place within the Festival of extreme sports and leasure activities and will be attended by 100+ PPG pilots from around Russia! 2013, July 15-19, Osmino, Russia More...

Nirvana Racing Team pilots again the best!


Grzegorz Krzyzanovski and Michael won in their categories at the prestigious race Pararudniky 2013 in Poland. Grzegorz was better than top world pilot Alexandre Mateo! Congratulations and thanks! More...

Trailer for trikes or bikes


Please pay attention to this product which is discounted in sales prices! Trailer for trike - certified for EU roads.
ACTION - perfect price + container for paramotor without frame FOR FREE! See more at e-shop product page.

MC on WRC wins BNPL


Michel Carnet with Nirvana Instinct and Nirvana Nucleon WRC 31 wins 1st leg of Britisch National Paramotor League.
Congratulations! More...

Miroslav Oros is officially in Guinness World Record Book


Almost two years took approval process of world record attempt from spring 2011. It is finished - Miroslav Oros is in Guinness World Record Book! More...

April without waiting


Paramotors, chassis, parachutes, helmets and other accessories for immediate dispatch. We're ready. And you? More...

Petr Matousek third in Slalomania Monte Grappa


Petr Matoušek (Nirvana Instinct NS 230 + Nirvana Nucleon WRC 20) took the 3rd place in Slalomania - Monte Grappa. Thanks, Petr! More...

Don't buy from non authorized dealers!


Be carefull in case you want to buy Nirvana products from non authorized dealer or salesperson.

Petr Matousek is the best pilot of the Czech Republic


Petr Matousek was announced as the best pilot of the 2012 season in the Parliament of the Czech Republic. Congratulations! More...

Synthesis - Versatile Reflex Wing

Nirvana Synthesis

Nirvana extends offer of Nirvana Dudek wings. Synthesis is versatile reflex wing for all pilots. More...

New Pulse 5R2 125 is here

Pulse 5R2 125

The long-awaited Nirvana Pulse 5R2 propeller with a diameter of 125 cm for paramotors Rodeo and Instinct CL with reducer with 6 screws is here! More...

PF 2013


Thanks to all our customers, suppliers, colleagues and fans for support in 2012. We wish you Merry Christmas and a successful start to new year 2013.
We'll meet ourself in the air!
Nirvana team

New Nirvana dealer - in Guatemala


Nirvana has new dealer - new member of Nirvana is MtM company from Guatemala! More...

Pavel Brezina 3rd in Icarobatix 2012


Pavel Brezina (Nirvana Instinct NS 230 HL + Nirvana Dudek Nucleon WRC) finished 3rd in Icarobatix 2012. This event took place from 20th to 23rd September in St. Hilaire, France. Congratulation! More...

Instinct NS 160 and NS 230 certified by EAPR


All models of paramotors Nirvana Instinct are now certified. Instinct NS 200 is certified by DULV and NS 160 and NS 230 by EAPR. More...

Petr Matousek - new World Champion!


Czech pilot and member of the Nirvana Racing Team Petr Matousek is new World Champion in PL1 category! Congratulation and thanks! More...

Nirvana is on Facebook!


Nirvana is on Facebook! Do you want to know what's going on, to keep track of events, attractions and news? Become our fan: More...

Ryan Shaw is a double world record holder


Nirvana Racing Team pilot and the Nirvana U.S. dealer Mr. Ryan Shaw is officially double world record holder! He flew both records with paramotor Nirvana Instinct NS 230 HL.
Congratulations and thanks!

E-Shop is running!


E-shop at is running in full operation. Choose what you need, or configure your paramotor and order it by the dealer from your coutry. It has never been easier!

With Paragliders from the River Danube to the Dolomites


SLIDE SHOW - with Paragliders from the River Danube to the Dolomites - Saturday, 13th October 2012 at 19:30 - St. Gilgen, Austria More...

Two Michel Carnets World Records are valid!


Two of Michel Carnets record claims have now been ratified as World Records by the FAI.
Michel, thank you and congratulations! More...

Stolen paramotor Rodeo (Sweden)


Our dealer from Sweden informed us about his stolen Rodeo. Don't buy suspicious paramotors! More...

Nirvana at Basse Ham 2012


Nirvana took part in the bigest worldwide paramotor exhibition Basse Ham, France.
Thanks to all spectators for visiting us and to our partners for help with successfull presentation.

Jiri Koudela and Petr Matousek are Czech Champions


Czech representatives and members of Nirvana Racing Team Jiri Koudela (PF1) and Petr Matousek (PF2) are Czech Champions.
Congratulations! More...

Travel set - always together


Paramotor, frame, seat, propeller and glider in one box! More...

Basse Ham 2012


Nirvana is taking part of 7th Paramotor World Event. Visit us from 22nd till 24th June 2012 in BASSE-HAM, France.
500 pilots from more than 30 countries, 70 professional exhibitors, 20 000 visitors, 3 000 flights, several World records... and NIRVANA! More...

Ryan Shaw - 2 New World Records

Ryan Shaw - World Record

Ryan Shaw set TWO new world records More...

Nirvana News for the 2012 season


All Nirvana fans brand will be pleased to hear about the new product line introduced by the world's leading manufacturer of paramotoring equipment for the 2012 season. Let's introduce them! More...

Beach Blast 2012


Nirvana is taking part in Beach Blast. This paramotor event takes place in Panama City, Florida from 7th till 13th May. More...

Nirvana on Aero Friedrichshafen 2012


Nirvana naturally could not miss the most important European air show Aero 2012 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Special Limited Offer: Paramotor Rodeo with 3 Blade Propeller 4R3 125

Special limited offer: paramotor Rodeo with 3 blad

Special limited offer: Paramotor Rodeo with 3 blade propeller 4R3 125 More...

Orange Saturday April 14, 2012 in Jihlava

Orange Saturday April 14, 2012 in Jihlava

Nirvana invites pilots to the airport in Jihlava. More...

Nirvana goes to Monte Grappa in Italy

Nirvana goes to Monte Grappa in Italy

Nirvana goes to Monte Grappa in Italy More...

Michel Carnet broke the World Record

Michel Carnet

Michel Carnet broke the World Record for PF1 economy in a closed circuit 149.65 km. More...

Nirvana KIT TOP80 - First Paramotor kit available on the market

Nirvana KIT TOP80 - First Paramotor kit available

These items are also available for purchase separately as spare parts for use in rebuilding your paramotor. More...

Nirvana comes with a new trailer and cover for trikes

New trailer and cover for trikes

Nirvana comes with a new trailer and cover for trikes.


Ryan Shaw wins the US open PPG in Salton Sea California

Ryan Shaw

Ryan Shaw wins the US open PPG in Salton Sea California More...

New Website


Welcome to our new website! More...

First class products – world records


Nirvana Systems & Dudek Paragliders. More...

Ryan Shaw won Paramotor World Xcontest 2011


Ryan Shaw won Paramotor World Xcontest 2011  More...

Comparison of Instinct Comfort-Line and High-Line


Differences between Instinct Comfort-Line and High-Line. More...

The new airbox set for replacing of intake tube


Airbox set for replacing intake tube for paramotors Instinct. More...

Nirvana team in Turkey, Öludeniz


12th Oludeniz Air Games 2011 – Fethiye, Oludeniz. More...

Nirvana Car Sticker

Nirvana Car Sticker

Nirvana Car Sticker More...

Michel Carnet - World Records


Michel Carnet made two new world records! More...

Special Edition

Special Edition

Special Edition More...

Aviatic Show in Bojkovice 2011


Nirvana took part in the 2nd AVIATIC SHOW in Bojkovice 10th September 2011.

World Champion Michel Carnet Became a Member of Nirvana Racing Team

World Champion Michel Carnet Became a Member of Ni

World Champion Michel Carnet Became a Member of Nirvana Racing Team  More...

Dealers Meeting 2011

Dealers Meeting 2011

Dealers Meeting 2011 More...

Czech Open Championship 2011

Czech Open Championship 2011

Czech Open Championship 2011 More...

Nirvana in GREAT BRITAIN – British Open 2011

Nirvana in GREAT BRITAIN – British Open 2011

2011, 09.-13. June, Kerswell Green, Kempsey, Worcester, UK