From Saturday, August 19, the 6th FAI European Motor Paragliding Championship took place at Aeroclub Břeclav Airport. The event was attended by 76 pilots from 11 countries. Competing in the categories PL1, PF1, PL2.
40 pilots competed in the PF1 category, 23 in the PL1 category and 13 in the PL2 category.

On Monday, August 21, the first navigational role, called the hunting of pivot points, was launched.
The next day was the 2nd navigation task focused on the exact flight on the set track.
Unfortunately, on August 23, a tragic accident happened when a young pilot, Marius Kozarewski, died. Pilot's loss, a friend from our community is injuring us and we will never forget him.
On Thursday, 24 August, all participants of the European Championships started a massive, non-competitive flight in honor of the deceased pilot.
Friday August 25 was the last flight.

Congratulation to our NRT Pilots:

Gabriel Toman - PL1- 2nd place
Ivan Pestún - PF1 - 5th place
Marek Schulz - PL1 - 11th place
Zdeněk Řezníček - PF1 - 14th place
Joerg Maass - PF1 - 34th place
Martin Lexa - PL1- 15th place
Michael Nadažy - PL1 - 14th place
Karin Rosová - PL1 - 22nd place
Jarosław Pałdyna - PF1 - 36th place
Jacek Cizskowski - PF1 - 7th place
Jarosław Tomasz Budziszewski - PF1 - 18th place

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