Last year I took part in Icarus Trophy Race - 1000 miles long extreme race in Africa. It was actually an aerial ultramarathon from South Africa, via Botswana to Zimbabwe. We developed and modified the new F-light 200 for this race last year. We ( me and  Eugen - our South African dealer and long-haul specialist) finished Icarus Trophy Race at  second and third place.
Last weekend I was surprised by the award for this flight (1600 km in 4 days) while I was attending  yearly XContest competition awards. Our old Nirvana bunch gathered on the podium. Martin Lexa won  Czech XContest edition with a 322 km triangle and Pavel Stoupa Štěpán excelled in accuracy landing. Looks like we are not retired yet…
Well, what is new with our developments this year? Nirvana completed and start to offer the F-light 200 XC version and if the organizers had not canceled the Icarus Trophy in Brazil, we would surely have fought with Eugene again for undying honor and glory.
Instead we get chance to fly more and in meantime Eugene is preparing a beautiful race in Africa.
And besides that, our friend is preparing himself for another extreme flight across whole Russia (but shush, from where to where is still the secret). So if my plans come true again, I will be happy to attend both events.

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