Nirvana North America was created to bring the Nirvana flight experience to the North American market in such a way that the experience of owning and flying a Nirvana is what the Czech Republic company originally intended. Owning a Nirvana is much more than just flying a powered paraglider. The machines are distinguishable for any other PPG design on the market. Purposefully designed with moulded and air tunnel tested chassis, engines that are computer managed, battery and electronic ignition years ahead of its time in PPG, anti-torque systems that allows for saver operation, unrivalled longevity due to lower operating temperatures and better horsepower to thrust conversion. All of Nirvana’s functions are uniquely combined to give the best possible flight experience, but without its the brand’s lifestyle ethos, there would be little point in introducing such designs. Nirvana North America will ensure that the brand’s approach to lifestyle flying and community participation will be infused with its product offering.