Time and time again the Nirvana team has shown its members have racing, speed and winning in their blood. Members of the Nirvana Racing Team are World Champions in the most prestigious categories. Michel Carnet is the World Champion in PF1 and Petr Matousek in PL1, and Pavel Brezina and Karin Stachova are the World Vice-Champions.  

Tony Gibson (ZAF), Ryan Shaw (USA) and Michel Carnet (GBR) reached the FAI World Records and Benjamin Jordan (CAN) successfully complete the first ever crossing of Canada by PPG. His expedition, Above and Beyond Canada, earned him a place in The Guinness Book of World Records. Miroslav Oros flew 9132 km in 90 days during his project X-Czech 2011.

2012 World Championship Spain - 1st place
2011 World Championship didn't take place
2010 European Championhip didn't take place
2009 World Championship Czech Republic - 1st place
2008 European Championship Poland - 1st place
2007 World Championship China 2007 - 2nd place
2006 European Championship Spain
2005 World Championship France 2005 - 2nd place
2004 European Championship Portugal - unannounced
2003 World Championship England - 3rd place
2002 European Championship Hungary - 3rd place