Over “Bata“ channel photo

Don't succumb to motherload complex, that's the main motto of the philosophy of the Flight & Go project, and in this spirit, on May 19, 2020, Martin and I went for small morning trip . This one was directed by Martin, and since I haven't worked in Nirvana for a long time and I haven't had much flying around yet, I was definitely curious. During the time I moved here, I flew only in the vicinity of airport, not counting two great trips to the PPG league races at the airport in Stichovice. First day with Martin and the day after by Pavel. Apart from these trips and the occasional flight around the airport, I basically didn't stretch my legs out of the airport in those three weeks, because somehow there was no reason for it, since I have so many toys available here. In fact, that is not entirely true. Because I'm just starting in Nirvana, I had few work related errands . One of them was the meeting "halfway", just before Nedakonice with Michal, our propeller supplier.

Well, basically Martin chose the same direction for our flight, so I was curious how it would look from above. In the morning we met at our place, at the headquarters of Nirvana at LKPO. I had the advantage over the boys that I am currently staying there, so I could sleep a little longer than they did. In the morning I met an extremely interesting camera man, who came to me somehow familiar, but I could not remember from where. He just inform me that Pavel had asked him to do some aerials of  us and that a drone would be buzzing around here and there. Later after we spend some time together I realized how I knew him. I don't even have to tell more experienced pilots who Jarda Jindra is - a pilot who owns a pilot's license with the number 001, the first official paragliding pilot in the Czech Republic and an experienced filmmaker ( check his videos on our web, THANKS Jardo, really nice work ). We made our machines ready, checked all the equipment, get encouraged by “Kulička” - one of our airport cats, who was just boasting a freshly caught mouse - and set off. Pavel, who lately has been flying mainly gyroplanes and have been longing to pull some breaks rather then operate the control stick all the time, he joined us on the first part of the trip. But he could not fly with us due to his work duties , so Martin and I became an orphans and continued on our own. Martin took the lead on Dudek-Snake glider and from time-to-time he had to do three hundred and sixty so I could catch up him with my slower Dudek-Optic. But even thou I want to be on speed-bar all the way, my feet just couldn't stand it, no matter how hard I tried, and I was constantly falling behind. Regardless this, it was a great flight during which we flew to Hulin and ponds around Rusava , which were really magnificent in the morning sun, turn it over to Kroměříž, took some photos and turned back south direction Otrokovice.

Martin, like Pavel, was in  hurry to get back to work and so originally planned Stare Město as the destination, through which I had chance to drive twice for propellers, but because I fought like Chuck Norris and crushed speed-bar and my quadriceps all the way, we still had little time left and so we finally managed to fly over Nedakonice and even stretched it all the way to Moravský Písek, from where it was easy to get on the train back. We both landed comfortably in the field, not far from the train station, Martin expertly on the path, and myself, I have to admit, a few meters next to the path, on the field, because I focused more on the camera in Martin's hand, hoping for a nice photo of my landing than on the accuracy of the landing (I did not admit it to Martin and made apology due to the gust). Luckily, no farmer jumped on me with a pitchfork, so I got away with it. Despite my small mistake and the subsequent trampling of a few meters of agricultural crops and my questioning of conscience, we were left with a good feeling from a great flight, we packed gliders and machines in relaxed pace.

Once all packed, we threw paramotor-backpacks on our shoulders and 20 minutes later we were already in the train and back at work before eleven. I really enjoyed it, thanks guys and next time I will try my own direction, with whom and where would be decided.


Ondra Musil