The new improved RODEO “blue line” model carries all the features acquired over the years and have been tested for many years around the world.
and in all climatic zones.

We tested it again in the arid Sahara deserts and over the Arctic Circle - it passed everywhere. The combination of increased performance, reduced consumption and weight, with perfect reliability makes it the ideal partner for all your adventures.

Safety first

Safety is the most important element, and such we have devoted a lot of efforts, particularly in the construction of the fuel tank, skeleton and frame, to develop appropriate crumple zones in the event of impact.

  • Durable plastic tank catches most of the impact in contact with the ground
  • Frame - first crash zone
  • Laminate back shell-skeleton protects pilot spine during the flight or during any hard landing.

Additional security features you can count on are:

  • Two independent switches protect you and your surroundings from any accidental starting of the engine and allows the pilot to shut-off the engine when any problems occur during launch, flight and landing!
  • Simple fuel mirror gauge will always instantly and accurately inform you about the fuel level.
  • Glider is connected to the harness via soft attachment points for maximum vibration protection and thus extending gliders life span.


New Rodeo great advantages are its already legendary rigid frame and lower weight – both appreciated especially by pilot beginners and PPG schools. Improved performance with significant power suits to advanced pilots too. In comparison to its predecessor we managed to save around 5kg of weight ( total dry weight now is 25 kg) and at least 12% thrust gain, with  20 % less fuel consuption ( 2,7 – 3,2 l/h) . – resulting in more air time, more fun, easier take-offs and safer landings. Very comfortable harness, good ergonomy and light weight allows you to make this paramotor fit you like well cut glove. In combination with the Nirvana Cruise Carbon Trike you can quickly transform RODEO in a comfortable PPG trike. Engine Fit200 assembled from Simonini Mini2Plus parts but improved with Nirvana knowhow, along with a specially tuned Nirvana exhaust and in combination with the carbon RAINBOW propeller can handle a pilot of any weight and is even suitable for tandem flying. The balanced running and possibility to accelerate will surprise you. Fuel consumption is real treat once used with appropriate size glider.

Rodeo BLUE LINE from all angles!

See the beauty of our improved paramotor called RODEO BLUE LINE from all sides using our 360° photography!
The control is simple. You can rotate RODEO BLUE LINE by dragging the mouse or dragging your finger.


For an even more detailed examination of the paramotor, just click on the magnifying glass icon,
while you can still use the navigation buttons to rotate to your liking.

Fully equipped Rodeo includes:

  • Strong and lightweight four-part protective frame
  • Frame bag
  • Reduction pulley key
  • Carbon Composite 3 blade RAINBOW propeller with cover
  • Propeller key
  • Speed bar
  • Carabiners AustriAlpine Stratus
  • Briefcase
  • Practical paramotor bag with wheels
  • Harness with a container for a reserve parachute (size S, M, L, XL, XXL)
  • User manual

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