Undercarriege 4FUN

is light, strong and stable quad. It is made of high quality steel used in aviation (chromolybden) and from aluminum and carbon fiber.

This, but also many other features, differs from other chassis of similar construction.

Safety first

Quad 4FUN is fully compatible with all Nirvana paramotors.

4FUN can be combined with popular Instinct and also with Nirvana evergreen Rodeo. It is also possible to use it with a light engine Top 80, or older model Electric.

4FUN is usable for both recreational and competition pilots. Immediately after the 4FUN prototype was introduced in 2012, Petr Matousek and Karin Stachova acquired gold and silver medal in World Paramotor Championship 2012 PL1 category. Assembly of quad 4FUN is very simple.

The assembling and disassembling take ten minutes. 4FUN packed in carrying case will fit into a small car.

čtyřkolka 4fun

Technical data


Maximum Load175 kg
Weight11,7 kg
Rear axleCarbon sandwich
Central frameAluminium, Carbon
Front AxleChromolybden
WheelsPlastic, spoke
JointsQuickjoints with locks
CompatibilityInstinct, Rodeo, Top80, Electric

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