Nirvana History

See the evolution over time of our Nirvana brand.

Another dealers meeting


Thank to part of our representatives and pilots for coming to Nirvana company from Dubai, France, China, Neetherlands, Rusia and Czech.

We´ve enjoyed flying, service maintance, testing of new machines and a short introduction of each of your beautiful land.

We´re looking forward to invite the other part of our team from all the world.

Welcoming of new member of team from France


We´ve welcomed a french pilot Nicolas Berger in our team.

He´s focused on long distance flights. His last trip was a crossing of Europe - 4000km in 13days.

He took of from north Sweden and landed in south Spain. He absolved this journey alone without any support.

We´re looking forward to follow him on his other adventure on nirvana f-light 160.

Visit from China
Service dealer maintenance
Year of the dealer meetings


We spent the whole year around the Dealers meeting.

We welcomed a record number of participants, this time there were 66 of them in 19 countries in the world. Our new premises have undergone a endurance test. And passed great. Groups of dealers alternated on individual presentations, service courses, flight product testing etc.

It was, of course, also time to entertain and consolidate international relations.

NIRVANA has introduced also a set of new products and innovations.

Low Hang Points for Instinct, New ergonomic throttle, Rainbow propeller – Blue and Green line, FC 5 helmet and a completely new F-LIGHT light paramotor.

A year of big changes and relocation


A year of big changes and relocation. NIRVANA is growing and needs more and more space and space for its activities.

And preferably at the airport. The army-abandoned Přerov air base is an ideal place. Just a trifle. Before moving, we have to "slightly" repair the objects after the soldiers.

And yet they still produce, develop and provide customers with the services they are used to.

It was a hectic year… ..

Rodeo paramotors for the Malaysian Army
Another dealers meeting


The number of dealers is increasing and the event is gaining in size both in terms of organization and importance.

Our representatives from 16 countries around the world meet at the dealer meeting. A total of 50 participants. A great opportunity to establish informal contacts, to exchange experiences, to gain new knowledge about NIRVANA products.

We introduced new products such as Fire Blade, Smoke System, Helmet FC 4, Trike Skis and other improvements to paramotors.

There were also air trips around the area. Our representatives left with new experiences and a sense of belonging to the NIRVANA Team.

Another successful year


The first rental of paramotors, parachutes and equipment in the Czech Republic. Certified service centers around the world, equipped with a Nirvana service stand.

The Nirvana Racing team won all the categories at the OPEN Championship, the Moscow Open and the Pyramid Open in South Africa.

Serial production of Instinct High Line paramotors and introduction of the Instinct Comfort Line model started.

A new generation of aeroelastic two- and three-bladed PulseAE propellers for Nirvana and Simonini engines has been introduced.

Nirvana light show presented in the USA, Germany, France, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Launch of special heated paragliding gloves HOT-5.

A year of many events and successes


US market opening. WAG qualification. Official introduction of the Instinct paramotor to the Czech market. Introduction of Nirvana with a partner on the German market. Official introduction of the Instinct paramotor in the UAE.

Partnership of the charity event and the world record Above & Beyond 2009. New accessories for Nirvana paramotors. Official presentation of the Instinct paramotor in Germany. Champions of the Czech Republic 2009 in three categories.

New service center in Slovakia. Nirvana introduced itself with its partners in Malaysia and Austria. Nirvana Racing team - the best racing team in the world 2009. New service center in Germany. Agama saved three lives in 2009.

Helmet - Full Contact 3


The Full Contact 3 helmet with PMR radio and many other improvements is coming to the market.

Innovated helmet Full Contact 2


The innovated Full Contact 2 helmet replaces the previous model - new design, new functions. The production of the Pulse propeller is in full swing.

New collection of Flystyle products


New collection of Flystyle products. Nirvana launches new Agama water rescue system. Pulse propellers are certified. Only four points separate Pavel Březina from winning the title of European Champion in Spain in 2006

New gliders, DULV certification, Propellers

Nirvana comes with new PPG parachutes, Alix and Desire. Rodeo paramotor receives DULV certification. A new Okinawa's Wind DVD is released. The Pulse propeller is developed. Full Contact helmet comes to the pilots.

Beginning of the new customer centre in Zlin-Prstne


Beginning of the new customer centre in Zlin-Prstne. Registration of the Fly Style clothing and accessories brand. Pavel and Jana have daughter Zuzana.

Nirvana gliders ready to sell


Beginning of the Nirvana brand parachutes sales, especially designed for PPG.

Development of PPG helmet

Beginning of the production of the helmet for PPG with integrated communication system.

First success in world competitions (5th place in the World Championship in Spain). Expansion of sales outside the Czech Republic territory.


Nirvana Electric

Serial production of the Nirvana Electric model.

First racing season – Czech Republic Championship.

Establishment of the Nirvana paragliding company

Establishment of the company Nirvana paragliding and production of motorbikes.



The paramotor of light construction with Hirth engine.

Konig triple cylinder engine


First own paramotor completed with Konig triple cylinder engine

First motor flight by paramotor.



Trike completed with Jawa 350 engine and later the Trabant.

Sale and service of Edel parachutes


Sale and service of Edel parachutes, later also the Wings to Change types.

Foundation of the Nirvana Zlin paragliding club
Beginning of the first paramotor production


– the paramotor was not finished.

Beginning of parachute production – BIG type


The discovery that flying from the hills is also possible.

The first flights on the modified Parafoil


Take off using the tow rope behind the car.