Our philosophy

Why is our brand so in demand here and abroad?


We have used our experience and successes gained from the competitive racing and transferred this to the serial production so that our customers can enjoy the same fun and excitement as the best pilots in the world.


We pay great attention to safety. All models fulfil the strictest safety criteria and are tested not only according to the European standards in the Czech Republic and DHV, respectively DULV in Germany and have also gone through a series of demanding tests also in Japan and other countries.

Intensive development

We follow the new trends and intensively develop new products which in many ways dictate the future development of Powered paragliding. 

We cooperate with many designers and our racing team helps with testing of new products prior to the launching them into serial production. 

Nirvana products complement mutually each other from the technical and design point of view. 

Our products withstand various climate conditions and sea levels.

Perfect service

Our dealer network ensures perfect sales, warranty and after-warranty service. Automatically, the latest information service and immediate help if needed are provided. 

You will always find a pleasant environment and qualified specialists who are prepared to share their personal flying and operation experiences with you and who will help you to choose the complete equipment according to your requirements. 

You will be able to find the whole spectrum of services: PPG courses, MOT and authorization, first flying, sale of complete equipment and information regarding terrains for flying.