Let me introduce to you my ideas and my way of thinking about two main concepts I see with big potential for selling F-light in the future. With the whole project, I would like to create something more than just a new Nirvana paramotor. I would like to reach a new clientele and try flying a paramotor a bit differently then we are used to. Originally I was rather paragliding pilot like most of you were. Then I went over to paramotors and left free flying almost totally. Many years ago we were standardly flying downwind and then some friend with van picked us up. We enjoyed it a lot, it was fun shared with community of your friends. However curently this kind of flying is not so common and pilots are more concentrated on flying around the airport or just slaloms. Let us address and open tho other sectors where the F-light can be introduced:

F-light&Go project

The second concept we have been opening last several weeks is our F-light & Go project. The main slogan is „Do not fly only around the airport but make a trip“. Best version is follow the wind, because then the flight is smooth and you do not need to use speed bar or any reflex or racing wings. Even though, the F-light is powerful enough to handle a full speed with a small reflex glider (In Spain Ivan Pestun used his Snake 15 with his 85kg). Than you´ll easily pack the F-light, your wing and clothes into a compact package and either you can put all this stuff into small car or to board train or bus. Additonal value is when two or more pilots flying with FC5 helmet, you can be connected via bluetooth and you´ll realy enjoy the trip.

Free flying community

Addressing Free flying community. Forget about powerful engines and heavy and powerful machines and let’s go back to the essence. That’s what I think is flying in the thermic where we can easily break through a lightweight and compact paramotor with the possibility of active steering. Almost every single country in the world has much bigger group of free flying pilots. What I see as big advantage – we do not have to teach them how to fly – they can usally make it and are experienced with handling the glider. We just need to bring the machine among them, put the machine on their back and let them experience it. In Czech Republic, we have already started to coopwerate with Martin Orlík – free flying pilot, guy who is now helping to develop.

My idea is to get this concept comprehensively, therefore I´m testing different wings from different producers – motor specials, medium free-flying class of wings and also new lightweight single-skin wings. The idea is to have unique glider with unique attachment just for our paramotor  and such a set offer to our customers. There will also be several helmets available  – standard  helmet as FC5 with bluetooth, Paragliding helmet and Travel folding helmet which you can easily pack. There will be also Accessories as Air vest and also we are preparing now a new collections of clothing such as F-light branded T-shirt, Trousers and Jacket.