Technical inspections
of parachutes

We provide all services for all our parachutes, including technical inspections and repairs.

Compatibility table

Compatibility table of Nirvana machines, according to LAA bulletins

Flying sets of paragliders and MPK – NIRVANA
Electric Rodeo 125 Instinct NS 200 F-light 160;200
update as of 31.8.2020, according to LAA bulletins A = approved / Take-off weight min. kg-max. kg
Manufacturer of paragliders
paraglider model
certification certification num. ULL 01 – 2002 PPG 06 – 2005 MPK 03-2010 MPK03/2017
DUDEK Hadron 18 DGAC     A/45-100 A/45-100  
Hadron 20 DGAC B101SF02399E   A/50-120 A/50-120 A/107-130
Hadron 22 DGAC B101SF02400E A/65-140 A/65-140 A/65-140 A/107-130
Hadron 24 DGAC B101SF02401E A/80-160 A/80-160 A/80-160  
Hadron 26 DGAC B101SF02402E A/95-160 A/95-160 A/95-160  
Hadron 28 DGAC B101SF02403E A/110-160 A/110-160 A/110-160  
Hadron 34 Cabrio DGAC B201SF02871E   A/170-300 A/170-300  
Hadron XX 18 DGAC B101SF02942E   A/95-135 A/95-135  
Hadron XX 20 DGAC B101SF02943E   A/100-150 A/100-150  
Hadron XX 22 DGAC B101SF02944E A/110-160 A/110-160 A/110-160  
Hadron XX 24 DGAC B101SF02945E A/120-170 A/120-170 A/120-170  
Nemo 2 – XS EN A PG_0580.2012 A A A  
Nemo 2 – S EN A PG_0429.2011 A A A  
Nemo 2 – M EN A PG_0376.2010 A A A  
Nemo 2 – L EN A PG_0376.2010 A A A  
Nemo 2 – XL EN A PG_0430.2011 A A A  
Nemo XX 20 DGAC B101SF02866E A/45-85 A/45-85 A/45-85  
Nemo XX 23 DGAC B101SF02867E A/55-95 A/55-95 A/55-95  
Nemo XX 25 DGAC B101SF02868E A/70-110 A/70-110 A/70-110  
Nemo XX 28 DGAC B101SF02869E A/85-130 A/85-130 A/85-130  
Nemo XX 31 DGAC B101SF02870E A/100-155 A/100-155 A/100-155  
Nucleon 25 EN C PG_0268.2009 A A A  
Nucleon 27 EN C PG_0269.2009 A A A  
Nucleon 29 EN C PG_0259.2009 A A A  
Nucleon 31 EN C PG_0270.2009 A A A  
Nucleon 34 EN C PG_0321.2010 A A A  
Nucleon Cabrio 42 EN C PG_0438.2011 A A A  
Nucleon WRC 23 DGAC B101SF02558E A/65-100 A/65-100 A/65-100  
Nucleon WRC 25 DGAC B101SF02559E A/75-115 A/75-115 A/75-115  
Nucleon WRC 27 DGAC B101SF02560E A/90-130 A/90-130 A/90-130  
Nucleon WRC 29 DGAC B101SF02561E A/100-150 A/100-150 A/100-150  
Nucleon WRC 31 DGAC B101SF02562E A/120-165 A/120-165 A/120-165  
Nucleon WRC 34 DGAC B101SF02563E A/140-195 A/140-195 A/140-195  
Nucleon WRC Cabrio 38 DGAC B101SF02909E   A/160-250 A/160-250  
Nucleon WRC Cabrio 42 DGAC B201SF02564E   A/190-310 A/190-310  
Nucleon XX 20 DGAC B101SF02910E A/75-110 A/75-110 A/75-110  
Nucleon XX 22 DGAC B101SF02911E A/85-120 A/85-120 A/85-120  
Nucleon XX 24 DGAC B101SF02912E A/95-130 A/95-130 A/95-130  
Nucleon XX 26 DGAC B101SF02913E A/105-145 A/105-145 A/105-145  
Nucleon XX 28 DGAC B101SF02914E A/115-160 A/115-160 A/115-160  
Optic 2 24 DGAC         A/105-117
Snake 16 DGAC B101SF02606E A/50-105 A/50-105 A/50-105  
Snake 18 DGAC B101SF02607E A/55-120 A/55-120 A/55-120  
Snake 20 DGAC B101SF02608E A/60-130 A/60-130 A/60-130 A/107-130
Snake 22 DGAC B101SF02609E A/75-145 A/75-145 A/75-145 A/107-130
Snake 24 DGAC B101SF02610E A/90-160 A/90-160 A/90-160  
Snake XX 15 DGAC B101SF02903E   A/90-135 A/90-135  
Snake XX 16 DGAC B101SF02904E   A/95-145 A/95-145  
Snake XX 18 DGAC B101SF02905E   A/110-150 A/110-150  
Snake XX 20 DGAC B101SF02906E   A/120-160 A/120-160  
Snake XX 22 DGAC B101SF02907E   A/130-170 A/130-170  
Snake XX 28 DGAC B101SF02908E A/160-230 A/160-230 A/160-230  
Synthesis LT 25 EN C PG 096.2007 A A A  
Synthesis LT 27 EN C PG 089.2007 A A A  
Synthesis LT 29 EN C PG 058.2007 A A A  
Synthesis LT 31 EN C PG 088.2007 A A A  
Synthesis LT 34 EN C PG 106.2007 A A A  
Synthesis Cabrio 42 EN C PG120.2008   A A  
Synthesis 2 23 DGAC B101SF02710E A/60-95 A/60-95 A/60-95  
Synthesis 2 26 DGAC B101SF02711E A/75-115 A/75-115 A/75-115  
Synthesis 2 29 DGAC B101SF02712E A/95-140 A/95-140 A/95-140  
Synthesis 2 32 DGAC B101SF02713E A/115-170 A/115-170 A/115-170  
Universal 23 DGAC B101SF02714E A/60-95 A/60-95 A/60-95  
Universal 25,5 DGAC B101SF02715E A/70-115 A/70-115 A/70-115  
Universal 28 DGAC B101SF02716E A/90-140 A/90-140 A/90-140  
Universal 31 DGAC B101SF02717E A/110-170 A/110-170 A/110-170  
Universal 34 DGAC B101SF02793E A/135-215 A/135-215 A/135-215  
Warp 22 DGAC         A/107-130
MAC PARA TECHNOLOGY Blaze 23       A/105-145 A/105-145  
Blaze 26       A/115-160 A/115-160  
Blaze 29       A/128-180 A/128-180  
Charger 25       A/100-137 A/100-137  
Charger 28       A/113-160 A/113-160  
Charger 31       A/140-190 A/140-190  
Chronos 19       A/73-125 A/73-125  
Chronos 23       A/90-135 A/90-135  
Chronos 25       A/105-150 A/105-150  
Lucky 3 26       A/100-127 A/100-127  
Lucky 3 28       A/113-147 A/113-147  
Lucky 4 26       A/100-127 A/100-127  
Lucky 4 28       A/113-147 A/113-147  
Lucky 4 30       A/140-180 A/140-180  
MacJet 26       A/100-130 A/100-130  
MacJet 28       A/115-147 A/115-147  
Trend 4 25       A/103-129 A/103-129  
Trend 4 28       A/113-147 A/113-147  
Trend 5 26       A/100-127 A/100-127  
Trend 5 28       A/113-147 A/113-147  
Velvet 23       A/93-140 A/93-140  
Velvet 26       A/107-160 A/107-160  
Pasha 5 39            
Pasha 5 42            
JOJO WING Alix S Standard AFNOR A A A  
Alix L Standard AFNOR A A A  
Alix M Standard AFNOR A A A  
Desire S Standard AFNOR A A A  
Desire M Standard AFNOR A A A  
NIVIUK Skin 18 EN-B         A/107-130
Skin 20 EN-B         A/107-130
OZONE Freeride 19 DGAC         A/107-130
Sirocco 19 DGAC         A/107-130
SKY COUNTRY Discovery 5M EN-B         A/107-130
Muscat 3L EN-A         A/107-130
SKY PARAGLIDERS Z-Blade 18 DGAC         A/107-130
Zorro 24 DGAC         A/107-130
AXIS PARAGLIDING Pluto 2 M       A/80-137    
Pluto 2 L       A/95-162    
Vega 2 S       A/70-123    
Vega 2 M       A/85-143    
  Vega 3 M       A/85-143