Nirvana does not create only paramotors, but dream fulfillment machines.

Fly with us everywhere!

Our machines undergo uncompromisingly thorough testing and tuning during development.

We do not just assemble components into a whole. The individual components of our machines are carefully tuned, to the perfect interplay, so that each component perfectly fulfills its purpose.

The result of our work are machines that help their owners fulfill their dream of flying.

No matter where you take our machine, they work flawlessly in every conceivable environment and allow you to experience a feeling of complete freedom!

Whether you decide to fly with them in European countries, African bushes or deserts, American prairies, the highest mountains or beyond the Arctic Circle, they will always be your faithful guides, able to support you in discovering any place on any continent around the planet.

In all these environments, we have already tested our machines so that you can discover them too!