Test stand

The testing stand is designed for provision of testing and protocol measuring during servicing, production of new paramotors, development of new parts and propellers and for issue of the protocols for the obtained data.

What is it used for?

This equipment significantly contributes towards safety improvement during the first running in and adjustment of new motors.

The stand is capable of producing basic data such as.

  • temperature,
  • pressure and humidity of the surroundings
  • revolutions of the motor,
  • revolutions of the propeller,
  • accumulator voltage,
  • current to and from the accumulator,
  • thrust of the whole paramotor..

The stand can also simulate electrical load on the connector for heated clothing
and therefore test the overall performance of the alternator and of the
entire charging circle

Due to the interconnection with a PC, all data can be stored and used
later for comparison. The customer can have their paramotor tested with
the printed protocol.


We are planning to equip all our service and sale centres with this equipment in the near future.


The stand is foldable and fully mobile.

The stand is completely designed and developed by the Nirvana company.

How it looks?