Nirvana in Namibia

It doesn´t matter which type of wing or paramotor you fly with. However you can take the F-light made by Nirvana anywhere with you even as a luggage in the back seat of the gyrocopter. For example here.. on the way home from the cost of Namibia in the South Africa to the Czech republic. […]

Expo in Kansas, USA

Our Austin PPG team recently visited the Endless Foot Drag event to represent the brand! They came out with some great memories as captured in their pictures. Nirvana sponsored a FC5 helmet to one lucky winner and we hope he enjoys the awesome piece of kit. Austin PPG got the very first units of the […]

The 48th Coupe Icare 2021

After 2 years we had finally opportunity to take part in the exhibition Coupe Icare in a beautiful montain area Saint-Hilaire in France. The participation wasn´t so strong in comparison with past years. However we are happy about number of visitors and number of PPG pilots that increased due to our new sortiment and increased […]

COUPE ICARE Exhibition 2021

After 2 years when we couldn´t travel abroad due to covid-19, we are finally getting ready for an exhibiton! Coupe Icare, also known as Icarus Cup, is an annual paragliding festival in France, that takes place on the beginning of autumn and lasts for 4 days. This year it goes on from 16th till 19t […]

F-light&Go part 33

Mírov Tomorrow is the last Friday in August, with light wind forecast and sun. The holidays are over, so let’s say goodbye to them with a nice paramotor trip. Martin Orlík joins without hesitation along with Peťa Vitásek and Juraj. Juraj is here for autogyro service, but since he has to go home early, he […]