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F-light&Go part 33

Mírov Tomorrow is the last Friday in August, with light wind forecast and sun. The holidays are over, so let’s say goodbye to them with a nice paramotor trip. Martin Orlík joins without hesitation along with Peťa Vitásek and Juraj. Juraj is here for autogyro service, but since he has to go home early, he will accompany us at least to Olomouc. So Juraj takes a new Rodeo Blue line to try and rest of us would enjoy Fly & Go F-light sets.

Warp and Snake gliders will guarantee the same speed. I would like to fly through the Drahany Highlands and visit Bouzov Castle and the prison in Mírov with a landing near Zábřeh. It’s 90 kilometers by air and from Zábřeh we can enjoy 40 minutes ride back with Leo Express. We take off before seven and Juraj says goodbye to us after half an hour flight and returns to airport. But I don’t like much the flatlands around Olomouc, so I step into speed and head towards the hills with the boys on my tail. I checked them over my shoulder and because I see them, I keep flying. I decide to wait for them at Slatinice, but only Martin shows up.Me and Martin turn back together to look after Peter, but we can’t find him in the air.

Since I listen to the music in the FC5 helmet from a Bluetooth-connected phone, I try to dial Peter. He landed safely near Třebčín in the field and is dying his glider. We’ll give us the details later 😊. He chose a smooth field for the emergency landing, and only right before landing he noticed the tractor spraying manure there. He dried up a bit the stinky and wet glider (unfortunately mine) near the train station and take off again for trip back. Upon our return, he already had showered it with clean water and dried it at the hangar.But we continue through groves and meadows towards Bouzov and Mírov. How beautiful it is to roam freely, while others look at us sadly from the prison courtyard.In Zábřeh, after nearly two relaxing hours in the air, we land on a meadow right above the railway station.

Locals from nearby house came to check on us. Curious, they ask if we are okay and in need of anything. Nice feeling for pilots.Then just pack the equipment, walk down the hill to the station, a mandatory photo with Jan Eskymo Welzl, a famous local native who traveled the worlds, and a train back to Přerov. The summer holidays are coming to an end, but we still have many nice trips planned in the autumn.You can read more about new way of paramotor traveling at

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