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XC adventure in Oman – 2018

Nirvana racing team member Peter Matousek and me had a chance to join world class pilots (Alex and Miriam Mateos, Victor Rodrigues, Wojtek Bogdal, Dimitar Kolidakos – to just name few of them), for this exceptional expedition through Oman in fall 2018. Alongside with Peter, as Nirvana delegates, we all explored wonderful nature, amazing culture and hospitality of this forgotten Arabic peninsula wonderland.

Fair weather, mild winds and everyday sun, allowed us week long XC trip, which took us over pristine Arabian sea coast, untamed mountains and deep sand dunes of wild deserts.

After first day „hiccup,“ caused by almost seized up engines (unmixed petrol is definetly not the best way to start the first flight on the Oman soil J), me and Peter, were forced to fly defensively, with extra care, not knowing when disaster would struck. But Nirvana engines proved their exceptional reliability against all the odds and harsh conditions and reliably guided us through all the snares, the rough, motors unfriendly Oman nature prepared for us . I could not wish any other paramotors, to support me and Peter, with their feather like weight and fascinating durability!

Martin Orlík


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