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F-light&Go part 30

“Přerov to Mohelnice

I have known Igor since the 2001 World Air Games in Spain. We flew together (he for the Russian team and I for the Czech team) for the first time across Andalusia. Since then he has a flying school and he is also an active skydiver. He is planning a great aviation project with Paramotors for next year summer and I would very much like to be involved in it. He came along with Alexei, who is his mechanic and companion in the upcoming project.
So how about we go for little flight? Alex has scheduled another practical training, so he will accompany us only to Olomouc, and we will continue to Mohelnice. For me it is already classic route, but all three together we tune-in our Bluetooth helmets FC5 and such we are going to enjoy it together. The weather is not really perfect today, but for me it is a nice break between test flights of the new gyroplane. We follow the Morava River upstream to Litovel and then directly to Mohelnice. Here I know about the field next to the station but oh. It was freshly ploughed and it is quite muddy after the rain. So I pick a very small tip of wet grass beside the road and Igor lands expertly between the road and the ploughed field. And even put down the glider right onto clean grass. After packing all things up we have only 10 minutes for quick coffee and off we are in the direction of Prerov. Igor and Alex get well in touch with F-light and Warp glider and I look forward to next year, when we will fly much more during their epic adventure across whole Russia.”

From F-light & Go part 30. Posted by Nirvana Paramotors on 11/19/2019 (14 items)

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