F-light&Go part 32

“Tomorrow forecast are for stronger southwest wind. So I could fly to Bruntál.
Next day I get up early and I have a quick coffee at the airport in Přerov with beautiful sunrise.

Right after take off I immediately head north. But near Olomouc, when my ground speed is 80 km / h, I decide to turn slightly to the right and move the goal to Krnov. I was at the Krnov airport last year with two friends during our flight over to “Slet Chroustu” meeting in Červený Potok. And from there it is a short walk to the train station with good connections back to Prerov. So why not.

When I fly over Slezská Harta, the GPS speed over the ground raised already to over 100 km / h. I fly at an altitude of about 250 m above the ground and when I turn upwind, I stand still. It will flash through my head what the landing would look like, but maybe it will be less windy in Krnov and all would be fine. So far, I enjoy the panorama of the Jeseníky Mountains.

I try to descend a bit over the airport in Krnov with the engine switched off, but below 150 meters I do not like it much. There is nice hill in front of the airport and the wind sock down there indicates constantly changing wind direction, a promise for a nice “big beat” while landing.

So I climb up to 300 meters again and choose an open field on the other side of town. Over there is less rotor, so landing is much more comfortable. But between me and the station is the river Opavice and the nearest bridge is at least 6 km by walk. So I choose the shortest way through the river. I wade through with the shoes in hand. On the other side, I find from the border post that I just crossed the border from Poland back to the Czech Republic.

The F-light 160 ultimate weighs 17 kg without fuel and the Dudek Snake 20 light parachute 3.5 kg, I have less than a litter of fuel left, so it is nice to carry. Now it’s a short walk to the train station with a hot dog as a nice reward for me. Ride back to Přerov is a treat in a half-empty train. You can read more about this unique way of traveling on the www.nirvana.cz website”

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