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F-light&Go part 36.

With five liters to the south I can’t miss such a morning. The evening was beautiful and I still planned to go running with a friend in the morning. But windlessness and heat decide, and in 10 minutes I’m at the start. I have exactly 5 liters in the tank of my F-light 160 and I type direction from the ground to Vsetín. I look back at the train and start looking forward to the Hostýn Hills, which I would soon fly through like this. But already in 100 meters it looks more like the north wind and it turns me south.

Never mind, Chřiby will also be beautiful this morning and I will call Karl to Hodonín or Tomáš to Bzenec to fly for morning coffee. So I head south and let it go. For Kroměříž, I think it will work out for me all the way to Hodonín and I will send text messages to both of them. Karel comes in first. I am surprised by the information that he is coming to us in Přerov, so we are counting where our paths will intersect in 45 minutes.

Well, it’s coming to Bzenec. He has room for me in the car, so I have a ride back and I enjoy a wonderful morning in peace.

P.S. Tomas didn’t get the text message. So follow him next time…

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