F-light&Go part 36.

With five liters to the south I can’t miss such a morning. The evening was beautiful and I still planned to go running with a friend in the morning. But windlessness and heat decide, and in 10 minutes I’m at the start. I have exactly 5 liters in the tank of my F-light 160 and […]

F-light&Go part 35

From Přerov to Opava “Today forecast should be one of the last sunny autumn days, with fresh south wind. So why not go for small flight somewhere north. Unfortunately, Pavel is with his autogyro in Slovakia this morning, so this time I will fly all by myself – the premiere 😊 I am checking NOTAM […]

F-light&Go part 33

Mírov Tomorrow is the last Friday in August, with light wind forecast and sun. The holidays are over, so let’s say goodbye to them with a nice paramotor trip. Martin Orlík joins without hesitation along with Peťa Vitásek and Juraj. Juraj is here for autogyro service, but since he has to go home early, he […]

F-light&Go part 32

“Tomorrow forecast are for stronger southwest wind. So I could fly to Bruntál. Next day I get up early and I have a quick coffee at the airport in Přerov with beautiful sunrise. Right after take off I immediately head north. But near Olomouc, when my ground speed is 80 km / h, I decide […]

F-light&Go part 31

“Prerov – Horni Lidec Well, so you see. Due to another flying, work and other joys and worries, I did not go for any paramotor trip for a good three-quarters of a year. I could manage to fly only locally. On Sunday I was returning with gyroscope through the Beskydy Mountains from a great weekend […]

F-light&Go part 30

“Přerov to Mohelnice I have known Igor since the 2001 World Air Games in Spain. We flew together (he for the Russian team and I for the Czech team) for the first time across Andalusia. Since then he has a flying school and he is also an active skydiver. He is planning a great aviation […]

F-light&Go part 28

“With my teacher and teacher of his on a trip or else how to be at two paramotor meetings in one day This weekend was a traditional Slet Chroustu on Červený potok in Jeseníky and a similar event in Krnov. I like to go to Slet Chroustu already for many years and I am a […]

F-light&Go part 27

“Fly&Go #27 from Dukla to Zemplinska Sirava We are flying with two Gyromotion gyroplanes through Hungary to Ukraine and we are shooting a travel report about it. I am planning to visit Jožo Pristaše on the way back and check Czechoslovak flying paramotor group of friends at a traditional summer gathering in the village of […]

F-light&Go part 25

“Yesterday we returned from a gyroplane trip to Hungary. That means I haven’t been on a PPG whole weekend. So, Monday is here with chance to fix it. The north wind indicates that Břeclav direction is on again (unfortunately most of the fellow pilots in that direction are in the work-process from early morning and […]