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Nirvana F-light POD

Landing with F-light POD

How to design the ultimate machine that appeals to both paragliding purists and paramotoring pilots at the same time, is a question that we ask ourselves here at Nirvana Systems.
We believe the answer lies with the combination of a lightweight paramotor and a free-flying harness „POD“ – no doubt its easier said than done.
Our design method was to employ a seasoned and well experienced paragliding pilot and allow him to work freely towards the concept all while having his own division within the Nirvana Systms factory.
The results surpassed all my wildest expectation as I had the chance to fly the POD harness in Czech Republic during the coldest period of the year. It was in Africa however that I truelly had the opportunity to test the POD to its full potential and at the same time, come to admire all its advantages. The POD offers amazing protection for cold flying conditions and in warmer climates its the in-flight comfort that is most notable about the design.
I started free-flying paragliding almost 30-years ago and that included allot of thermic flying. I then had the opportunity to pursue competitive paramotor flying for more than 10-years and in recent years, ultra distance XC flying has become one of my favority flying disciplines. The new design is the penultimate design for me as it gives me the opportunity to enjoy both classic thermic flying when utilizing the POD and with its easy removal process, gives me the advantage of a open view with the normal F-light harness seating.
The POD is a comfort dream for every long distance adventure pilot. As with traditional paragliding harnesses, the pilot can slip easily into the harness after take-off. This is achieved with the addition of a rubber strap attached to the pilot’s leg. Its an easy process void of any complicated procedures. Getting out of the harness for landing is just as easy and pilots should not worry about the harness being obstructive to free leg movement.
Another notable design feature places all important items including storage compartments and reserve chute within arms length and easy reach.
The POD represents the very best of our design capabilities but just in case you feel the POD could obstruct your view of Hippos and Elephants, you will be able to remove and replace it with our open viev F-light harness seat. I personally enjoyed both on my Africa adventure and look forward to seeing our community of pilots share their adventures with our design.

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