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Nirvana Paramotors POD Harness

We would love to introduce to you completely new way of Paramotor flying – a reclined pod harness. It´s streamlined, aerodynamic and you can weightshift in it.

It´s designed specifically for Nirvana´s F-light paramotor, for engine-off thermaling. The idea is you can launch from the flats with your motor, then switch off and fly with all the comfort, feedback and sensitivity you´d get with free-flight wing without a motor.

„Traditional Paramotor harnesses have prone sitting position, which makes it hard to really feel the glider“, designer Martin Orlik explains. Because PPG wings have low collapse tendency and PPG pilots often fly in the non-thermic hours of the day, this is not problem, but for very long flights, sitting upright can become uncomfortable.

Our pod harness is designed to feel and react like a free-flight harness and it´s streamlined for maximum efficiency which means you´ll get better fuel consumption and more speed with the motor too.

We believe for getting the best results, you need to consider the whole flying unit as one piece. And as such, it will be available only for the F-light right now.

For all our customers who already own F-light or wish to get new Paramotor, available for purchose spring 2021. Contact your local dealer or us for more details.

Check at store – https://www.paramotors-shop.com/f-light-pod-harness-size-ml

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