Your way to Freedom

The journey to freedom with NIRVANA begins in the old days of Czech motor paragliding. It is closely connected with the adventure of discoveries and innovations in the back then new air sport. The discoveries of new, unique, technical solutions in the development of engines and equipment, necessary for safe and relaxed flying.

NIRVANA products have always been accompanied on their journey by creative designers, the most experienced pilots, racers, talented tradesmen and skilled production and service mechanics. The NIRVANA road over time crossed into all categories of powered paragliding. For each category, the products have always acquired the new and the best features required. The beginners and student machines brought to NIRVANA paramotors their reliability, robustness and ease of operation. Racing specials added high performance, sporty modern look and low fuel consumption.

The travellers were satisfied with their well-thought-out compactness and worldwide service facilities. Nirvana paramotors have enabled even non-flyers, to touch the sky and live their life’s dream of flying. Our paramotors were proven in all the extreme conditions – in the hot Africa, as well as beyond the Arctic Circle.

The extreme distances flown during record flights on NIRVANA machines have confirmed a high level of durability and reliability. The latest model, F-light, incorporated all the great, development-acquired features, an unprecedentedly low weight and the opportunity to turn your flying machine into a compact hand luggage in a few minutes.

The possibility of always having your flying machine ready to take off, both at home and on the road, makes powered paragliding one of the freest air sports. Go on an air trip with friends, or just fly for the joy of movement, fly freely in the blue sky, let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the landscape, illuminated by the rising sun – all this brings into the hearts of pilots a feeling of satisfaction, freedom and true aerial Nirvana.


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