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F-light&Go part 27

“Fly&Go #27 from Dukla to Zemplinska Sirava
We are flying with two Gyromotion gyroplanes through Hungary to Ukraine and we are shooting a travel report about it. I am planning to visit Jožo Pristaše on the way back and check Czechoslovak flying paramotor group of friends at a traditional summer gathering in the village of Kaluža in the Zemplínska Šírava region in eastern Slovakia. Jožo and Števo both have F-light 160 and they did not yet tried to go somewhere on F&G and get back by train. This should be set right. Therefore, I also load my F-light machine with glider and other accessories to Jana gyroplane and look forward to a joint trip. The weather forecast looks excellent with slight northerly wind so the adventure logically leads to Hungary. No problem, but two hours of paramotor flight always means 5 or more hours by train, because Michalovce are connected through Prešov or Košice.
But I am saved by cameraman Jarda. He wants to get shots of gyroplanes over Dukla. Immediately I combine Gyro with paramotor with a paramotor flight back. One unit fits into Jana gyroplane, the other two to a cameraman’s vehicle, so after Dukla shooting we would fly from the Polish border on gliders and then return back for gyroplane. Great plans, just the evening rain and fog pitchfork us to slight change just before the take off. So we wait untill the morning and it’s a win/win. After the night rain, the valleys are covered with mist, with sunshine on the hills. Then the mist rise up and the three of us are flying gliders towards Domaša and Zemplin. The trip is real treat. After the take off, only Števo goes through the Dukla’s Death Valley and is already rolling south. While Joza and I are doing air raids at the camera. That’s why we see him far ahead and actually catch up with him 50 kilometers later. Once together again, we fly in trio-formation. Past Humenný is a great valley flow in the Vihorlat mountains. The hill above us is called Krivoštianka, opposite is Brekov Castle. When I see the bent trees below us, even though at 300 meters is calm, I expect (and we all receive it) leeside turbulence. After two hours we land together happy in the meadow/airport in Kaluža, where several more gliders are already flying. It is a pity that I have to go home the next morning, otherwise we would repeat it again. So until next time and maybe it would be more of us.”

From F-light & Go part 27. Posted by Nirvana Paramotors on 8/15/2019 (31 items)

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