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F-light&Go part 28

“With my teacher and teacher of his on a trip or else how to be at two paramotor meetings in one day
This weekend was a traditional Slet Chroustu on Červený potok in Jeseníky and a similar event in Krnov. I like to go to Slet Chroustu already for many years and I am a fan of the Aeronautical Friends Association and I admire this group of enthusiasts. And Krnov is just 65 km away. Well, it calls for little flight then. And such, I pick up phone to check who would join me fro morning fun with trip back later in the day. Karel Šindar joined immediately and I did not have to persuade Jirka Koudela for a long time either. We arranged for retrieve since Karel’s trike is not best suitable for public transport and above all we will try to return by air.
After the take off with fly into small shower. Although this would ground rest of the flying enthusiasts at Cerveny potok we did not even bother about it. Wonderful trip through the summer Jeseníky Mountains and flight rolls beautifully on. At Krnov we meet a lot of old friends. We thank Karin for coffee and Marcelle for fresh gasoline and after an hour of lovely talk we fly back.
And here we also find out all about the teachers. Jirka Koudela in 1993 teached Karel to fly on PPG. I knew Karel from one of the first freeflying courses held on Rana and once again we met in 1994 (on my forced freeflying pause after incident in the Alps) to get in touch with PPG and possibility to fly it in my house backyard.
So I have my teacher and his teacher on this trip.
On the way back at around 30 kilometers mark, turbulence and thermals in the saddle near Praděd give us a nice rolling action and by Velke Losiny we get cut short due to approaching storm. We manage to land just in time to pack things and have a beer at the nearest travel rest. We prefer to get our fried cheese under the roof because heavy downpour breaks in a bit. Next day, Sunday morning, we set out for an one-hour flight along the Pastviny dam, the water acro-area Štíty where we are rewarded with a fantastic spectacle. Beautiful visibility and endless fog.
Weekend and six hours flown, evening music and meeting with friends and son Michal and his friend Tom managed reverse starts. Could I wish more ……”

From F-light & Go part 28. Posted by Nirvana Paramotors on 8/17/2019 (30 items)

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