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F-light&Go part 31

“Prerov – Horni Lidec

Well, so you see. Due to another flying, work and other joys and worries, I did not go for any paramotor trip for a good three-quarters of a year. I could manage to fly only locally.

On Sunday I was returning with gyroscope through the Beskydy Mountains from a great weekend event with my son Míša. And as we approach Hostýn Hills, I really want to fly over them with a paramotor. This is my favorite playground in our air sea.

So, I’m checking tomorrow forecast on Windy – weak northwest flow and no fog in the morning. But why am I even looking. I am a child of fortune (you know, from Deep Purple song Soldier of Fortune) and the nice flyable weather has accompanied me all my life on my travels. One phone call to Martin and one to my wife Jana (I get air-furlough quite easily) and everything is arranged.

Evening sitting at the airport in Přerov and in the morning off we go in direction of Hostýnky, Vsetínské vrchy, Pulčín and by train from the Slovak border from Lideček back to Přerov.

At first we have a bit of haze but already near Kašava it has become clear in the hills and in no wind we hang out high and low above the Valachy. I could not wish for anything better. The same Dudek Warp gliders with Nirvana F-light paramotors and Martin – my free-flying buddy since the motorless era in the 90s. He still flies with a paraglider (just yesterday he was flying on the hill we fly over today) I have not flown without an engine since 96, but now we enjoy it together. It’s the best from Všemina on and around Vsetín. Low above the forests and meadows of our native Valachy. No wind, beautiful visibility, mild temperature. I don’t even want to land in Horní Lideč.
But in half an hour we have a train passing through Vsetín to Přerov, so hurry up to land and get packed.
Noone was expecting what was waiting for us after we packed. Martin walking with his F-light backpack steps on cast iron sewage cover and disappears from my sight. Fortunately, it is the backpack that saved him from fall into 2+meter abyss. But I can already hear the comments on the broken machine. Something along the lines of – nice fairytale and now something about Little Red Hood for change 😊 ….. this is just something that no one can believe me.
During the transfer in Vsetín, we catched one beer and in Přerov Pavlina is already waiting for us ( at taxi parking, she blocked half of the Přerov taxi fleet with her beautiful smile). Gentlemens, try that too, and I bet you’ll just get sour-face smile from them…
She takes me back to work and Martin continue back up the hill for soaring flight today.
A wonderful end to the summer holidays.”

From F-light & Go part 31. Posted by Nirvana Paramotors on 8/26/2020 (24 items)

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