F-light&Go part 35

From Přerov to Opava

“Today forecast should be one of the last sunny autumn days, with fresh south wind. So why not go for small flight somewhere north. Unfortunately, Pavel is with his autogyro in Slovakia this morning, so this time I will fly all by myself – the premiere 😊 I am checking NOTAM if soldiers did not post any last restrictions over Libava – and surprise, they did. I have no choice but to modify the flight-path around a bit for today’s occupied Libavá and such right after take off in Prerov, I’m zipping through Olomouc to Šternberk with a nice 5m / s tail wind. Once in Šternberk, I turn right towards Opava, but somehow wind forgot about the planned turn (the forecast was a bit inaccurate, again). But I do not worry much about it and I start crabbing into the wind in easterly direction between the Horní Harta and Kružberk dams to catch the train in Opava. Not so favorable wind which instead of helping me into my back is blasting my face slowed down the whole trip a bit. Which reminded me that I took less then ½ of the tank so I didn’t have to drag with fuel on the train! Well, laziness at least spiced up my finish, because I was looking for the edge of Opava with quite sharp eye. But the F-light 200 just sips the fuel, and 4.5 liters turn out to be way too much even for small sightseeing of this city I had never visited before, at least from the air. I found out after landing I still have almost 2 litres left – better then be short thou. A nice patch of field on the outskirts of the city, a pleasurable stroll to the train station, great morning coffee in local cafe and off I can go back by train – 1 hour and 17 minutes to get here by paramotor and 1 hour and 20 minutes by train back, just great start of the day…”

From F-light&Go part 35 from Přerov to Opava. Posted by Nirvana Paramotors on 10/07/2020 (11 items)

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